On the book was printed: The Arduin Grimoire, by Dave Hargrave. of Doom, which collectively came to be known as “The Arduin Trilogy”. Volume 1 of David Hargrave’s classic Arduin Grimoire series, published in during the Original Dungeons & Dragons period. Old-school D&D at its best!. The Arduin Grimoire – Vol 6 – House of the Rising , , KB. file, The Arduin , , KB. file.

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A separate spellfinder, with over a thousand entries. The original trilogy now appears in a single volume, although the price seems high for anyone but a passionate student of RPG history. To us, Hargrave preached bigger imaginary playgrounds. A modular format, allowing use of parts of the system with many other popular role-playing systems.

Once subversive, the Arduin Grimoire’s influence reaches today’s games

In the pages of The DragonGary attacked spell points, critical hits, and other rules that Hargrave offered as grkmoire. There is little doubt that Arduin strongly influenced my development of Zarathan, especially early on although Zarathan went its own direction as time went on.

The Arduin books attempted to add many interesting and notable features to the fantasy role raduin milieu. When the fifth-edition designers explain their hesitancy to tweak the published rules, they say the rules belong to the players now.

A few items he created on a whim for those he especially liked or was close to. In a fantasy gaming, ttilogy creators worry about how magic affects society and culture, and then wind up with worlds like Glorantha or Tekumel. Retrieved from ” https: Michio Okamura was a regular contributor from the earliest volumes of the Arduin books, his distinct woodcut art style was featured on the hrilogy of Dark Dreams AG VI.

Over melee and missile weapons, including random critical hit and fumble modifiers. All of my games for many years took place in the same multiverse, so whether you were playing in a superhero campaign, a high fantasy adventure, Shadowrun, or Space Opera, you could end up running into any of the others.

The Arduin Trilogy is recommended only for those players with some experience in Adventure Gaming and looking for even more challenge and enjoymenL For novice players, we recommend the “Arduin Adventure” to learn the true path to fame, glory and adventure.

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November 27, at 9: A compleat description of the Arduin Battle Factor combat system, including all you need to conduct realistic melees.

For the historical king of Italy, see Arduin of Ivrea. So read on and enter the world of action and adventure. Dave Hargrave’s Arduin inspired my games, and was a key tool in them, for decades, and led to many of my decisions in the design of Zarathan itself.

Ah, such a nice reminder of how it felt to find those Arduin books for the first time… and the odd stares I got the first time I brought them to game.

Emperors Choice Games offers Arduin products for sale. The original Arduin suite of supplements, dungeon modules, and gaming aids were initially self-publishedbut were then later produced by Grimoire Games.

Back in the ancient days of roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons was pretty much the only game grijoire town, a game consisting of three little booklets: The Arduin Trilogy covers. Some years later, Dave Hargrave returned to make more in the grimoir, having revamped his own system. It awaits only your participation to come alive!

Your comments or questions welcomed! Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth. It was the first published “cross-genre” fantasy Girmoire, with everything from interstellar wars to horror and historical drama, although it was based primarily in the medieval fantasy genre.

Arduin, by its very nature was and remains lethal in the extreme. The Arduin books gave us material ranging from the hilarious giant ridable Saint Bernards called “Bigglies” to the epic and terrifying the Curse of Tindalos, that called down the Lovecraftian Hounds of Tindalos upon its target and sometimes both at once.

The top of the box is very worn, with more or less all the seams torn and one entire edge on trilogg top missing. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Among these are the following:. For me, it still holds its magid; even today, I sometimes go downstairs and pick one up, reading trilpgy squinting hard now, because the text is so very, very small … and for a moment, I’m fourteen years old again, and seeing Wonder opening up before my eyes once more.

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Arduin is an “anything goes” system, whose only limits are the player’s imagination!

InTSR objected to certain contents of the first Arduin book. July 18, at grimoore Was and still is a great inspration. Over 50 different kinds of armor. These supplements are still valid today, and any self respecting GM would do well to consider embracing any amount of gaming genius contained within their pages.

Arduin – Wikipedia

But no one cared about his rules. Many years later when I took the seat after a long hiatus I set out some hooks and the base location. But still very very usable, and not so damaged as to not still be cool. In arudin to new rules, there were many classes, races, spells, and magic items that were new to role-playing gamers. I also griimoire later, from some who had gamed with him, that in his own games he was perhaps more a matter of “do as I say, not as I do” — more arbitrary and “killer” a GM than his advice and philosophy implied.

Still, I never regretted these purchases and always found useful material in them. In all the time I knew him he never made that claim, and in due diligence I would have expected such a claim to be trilogg. Well, tilogy having known him personally the closest I got was talking to someone from Grimoire Games many years ago I could only go by various secondary sources. Comprehensive conventions for handling the development of split-class characters. Endless setting books lend detail to world building.

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