A rough guide to Drakensang. Poradnik do Drakensang. Autor: remainaery. A sketchy, mostly spoiler-free guide to make your life a little easier. 40, o, Harp of Time · Ashraya, J’Ibal, Abyss of Time. 40, o, Seeds of Eternity · Ashraya, J’Ulda, Atlantis above Water. 40, o, The Assistant · Ashraya, B’Ala, Atlantis. The River of Time – Gandalf. Text; Nadoret, · Poradnik, · Komora, · Mytnicza, · Zadaniu, · Zadania, · Ukryta, · Elfi, · Hammerberg, · Obozowisko, · Gandalf.

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The broken fountain Talk to og city guard 5. Save Niame Undead will spawn in the room. The sorceress Malgorra 1is threatening Traldar, but when she sees you she will tell you to hand over the Dragon’s Eye. Start by talking to the innkeeper M3. You can reach it only via western gate 8as the eastern is closed due to the collapsed bridge.

Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

That you will need to set to match the shields above. Wait for him to finish the conversation with the guard and chat him up. Talk to her and she will tell you that her daughter may be in a crypt 9. Try to seduce the rlver. Once you’re done, report to Morlinde.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Spolszczenie Drakensang The River of Time & DLC [MB] [NAPISY]

Salina, the Busker Queen, Hamlok Once you’ll get to the spot you’ll see that the camp is being attacked by spirits of nature. Among his wares burn ointment, shouldn’t go unnoticed – it will come in real handy further in game. The relic will be assembled and you will take part in a ceremony during which an Oracle will speak The Addled Mind in Moorbridge After completing Preparation for the Dragon Quest and listening Oracle, Dorion 2 will try and interpret her words stating, the person she was talking about may be Rakorium, who is currently in Moorbridge.

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Loot crate From chapter five on: He will suggest that you talk to the drakensangg 10who might know where Dranor is.

poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj

Find Drrakensang Tashman can be found in the harbor 6. Ceremonial wine Take the wine to Yasmin Once you have the wine take it back to Yasmin. Use the poison on the beer pitcher standing on the bar.

Once you’ll do that Ailric’s soul will be free. The False Beard There is a barrel poradik the bushes and it seems that there’s someone inside it. Save Ulfinga After dealing with the undead talk to Niame.

She thinks that you should enter the trunk and meet with her ancestor, who may be responsible for the whole situation. Tell him that you want to get through the magic barrier covering the ruins. Tree in the heart of the forest Chop dra,ensang the tree W drodze zostaniesz zaatakowany przez kilku przedstawicieli Mrocznych Oczu.


To Ducal Citadel 9.


Return to the temple of Hesinde You have completed the quest ordered by the Oracle you now have to return to Ferdok. Some undead will await you here, along with their leader – skeleton mage, Meredin 2.

Chain, innkeeper’s money Return the stolen money to the innkeeper Return the stolen money to innkeeper Pebbleber of Moorbridge and Ibrom from Wagoner’s Home. You will learn that some time has passed since he disappeared into the marshes. A rich man Do you still want her Laran Dykemiller Stoerrebrandt representative He will tell you that Emmeran Stoerrebrandt wants to talk to you.

Soon you will be attacked by a group of Dark Eyes.

She will thank you for your help and give you the snuffbox, asking to give him regards from the “Sweet cake”. Tlme the cutscene talk to Salina. Ask him for work and he will tell you that their messenger is sick and will offer you a small job. Defeat Humbert’s men Join Ronkwer’s men and fight the other group.