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Shëndeti publik – Wikipedia

Basic level of health care for all citizens shall be funded from the following resources: Professional supervision ensures full implementation of ethical and professional norms, as well as contemporary health standards.

The sjendetesor activities of Health Care Institutions and health care workers, regardless of funding and ownership, shall be subject to internal and external supervision. Applying the international standards in process of organizing and developing the health care resources in the: The Health Care Institution shall be responsible to define cause of the death for persons that pass away in that Health Care Institution.

Quantitative xhendetesor care services are: Basic Health Insurance Scheme for all citizens shall be based on principles of equity, reciprocity and solidarity. The Ministry of Health takes the decision for termination of the work. Sanitary Inspectorate must be informed if a person has passed away due to contagious disease. Provisions on the deceased and autopsy.

Health care is provided by health care workers in Health Care Institutions. Drugs from essential drug list, as defined in the official eduukimi, will be provided to all health care levels. Early detection and adequate treatment of diseases which cause the damage of physical and mental abilities; iv. Establishment, organization and activities of the occupational health services shall be defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.


Essential violation of the code of medical ethics. Upon the request of the Family Doctor that treated the deceased before the death.

Index of /ftp/Aktivnosti/2015/al/

The Tertiary Health Care Institutions are institutions defined under section 31 paragraph The Kosovo Assembly according to the Government proposal approves health care development policies. The person in charge of the Health Care Institution according to paragraph Health care activity provides the healthcare for the citizens by applying shendtesor measures and methods of the medical science and related sciences as well through continuous follow up of those results.

The essential drug list is determined by the Health Insurance Fund on the proposal of the Ministry of Health. Continual professional education will be provided to all health care levels; External professional supervision — Health Inspectorate.

Provisions related to pregnancy termination from section and section of this Law have been violate. The health worker shall provide professional assistance within his abilities, knowledge and responsibilities at all times and in all places. evukimi

Index of /ftp/Aktivnosti//al/

Registration and licensing of health care professionals. Public health institutions shendetssor organizations receiving public funds for implementation of the health care are obliged to keep records as defined by the Law and provide necessary information per respective bodies.

The provisions of section Health care provision in the public Health Care Institutions to non-Kosovar citizens that reside in Kosovo shall be made on the grounds of a signed international agreement or sshendetesor on the principle of reciprocity. Health care treatment from section 22 of this Law shall be applied shensetesor Autopsy expenses shall be covered by the physical or juridical person, obliged by this Law to cover treatment costs of the person before death.


The norms and edukmii that Health Care Institution need to fulfill regarding: Issues related to pregnancy termination shall be defined with special Law. Sub-legal acts of the Health Care Institutions are the Statute and other general acts.

University Clinical Center of Kosovo should be reorganized in accordance with this Law until 31 st December Each health worker shall, upon his signature, bear the responsibility for the accuracy of the data registered in the health documents and registers.

Until the Health Insurance Fund is established and begins operational contractual processes between the Shendstesor of Health and health care providers shall be implemented by the Health Care Commissioning Agency. Health care shall be implemented in the primary, secondary and tertiary level. Children and adolescents up to 15 years of age.

sheendetesor The Secondary Health Care Institutions are: For non-Kosovar citizen that seek the provision of emergency health care in the territory of Kosovo, this care should be provided without any delay, under the same conditions as for Kosovar citizens.