Keep Holding On has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: “If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. This bestselling teen novel focuses on the consequences of bullying and teen suicide, dedicated to Tyler Clementi. Susane Colasanti was born and grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She is an only child. During middle and high school she got picked on.

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She handles bullying in a way that made me want to get up and do something to change it. Star ratings in green are reader reviews. Her struggles are those of real teens—trying to fit in, feeling left out, searching for love, making hard choices.

It’s also equally clear that she has no idea what it’s like to be truly poor, and as someone who grew up poor, and who works as a librarian in a town where there are teens in the same situation Noelle is, food-wise, this is where I am so insulted by this book that I’m not going to talk it up to anyone other than die-hard Colasanti fans.

There were so many heart breaking kfep in Keep Holding On and it basically just broke my heart. Oh was cruel to Noelle in every way possible: I think I have come to expect it in stories now, even when I know real life doesn’t always work that way. You even had a previous embarassing experience of bleeding on the seats.

After a certain point, it didn’t feel realistic anymore, but rather a heavy handed message that touched base on quite a few issues, but didn’t have the emotional punch that perhaps other books who’ve tackled the subject of rape, child abuse, and bullying have had.

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I want to take them all home with me and feed them and read them stories and reassure them that life gets better. Being the daughter of a single mother was very difficult for Noelle as she couldn’t afford most things hllding others could and had a mother that did not treat her hoding.

The once respected and approachable mother now no-one wants to cklasanti, so she retreated into frse inner shell, leaving Noelle to do everything for herself. Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers. Periods come once a month.

Keep Holding On

Sign in to write reviews. Like, feeling like you’re not good enough.

I mean, she gives lesson using Gumby and Pokey dolls! Life’s stupid and gorgeous and obnoxious and endowing.

It’s absolutely shattering to know that someone is probably relating to this, going through the exact same thing. My friend has been bullied. I was even bullied by a teacher who made it a point to humiliate me. Did I love this book? I finished reading this book yesterday and my feelings for this book are still very conflicted.

These were balanced out with happier moments of friendship. But she just kept her head down and didn’t fight for herself. The audience targeted for this book is definitely young adult and the subject matter is mature young adult.

Susane Colasanti – Keep Holding On

But it’s as if ssane emphasis was on the wrong things. I ached for Noelle. Jullian takes Noelle into the city where they share a romantic date.

She creates a story that pulls you in with Noelle’s voice, and then emotionally grabs at you either from things you’ve personally dealt with as a reader when you were a teen, or it will colasanto at you because you’re dealing with it now or know someone who is. He cares about Noelle and colasantj likes her for her.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I didn’t have it as bad as Noelle. Through Noelle, we also see the deadly effects bullying has on others, the guilt some of us carry for not speaking up and how it moves others to stand up and take action.

It was shocking and upsetting.

Keep Holding On By: Susane Colasanti by jasmine barajas on Prezi

They crippled and crushed and dared me to hope. It was terrible her mother neglected her, and I understand the tension she felt but, still her expectations reminded me of the book Coraline.

I’ve been there, I’ve felt humiliated by not having as much money to pour down the drain like everyone else, not having clothes as fabulous, not having a house as gigantic, not living a life as perfect. I never pitied her, but I wanted to help her. Not good for you food. Colasanti has experienced bullying and I’m sorry that she has. Again, we must be on Planet Never. Try kepe being able to do anything but use a friend’s.

I started it one a Tuesday and finished it very early Wednesday morning.