The Prefect (Revelation Space) [Alastair Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Critically-acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds creates. With his latest novel Alastair Reynolds has, not for the first time, produced a For me, at least, The Prefect was a make-or-break book and. The seventh novel set in Reynolds’s Revelation Space milieu (most recently encountered in his collection Galactic North) is a fascinating.

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The capture of those responsible and the fix seems too easy.

The Prefect – Wikipedia

Events take place prior to the advent of the Melding Plague that had already ruined the Glitter Band and caused a massive decline in Yellowstone civilization at the time of the other Revelation Space novels. Unlike most series written deynolds of order I think I would recommend people read this in universe chronology order.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My only small complaint may be with the ultimate solution with The Clockmaker and Aurora. Alpha-level simulations are controversial, they are considered independent entities in their own right; beta-level simulations are more common and are more likely to be replications of the original human personality they were based on.

The name of this novel is supposed to change from The Prefect to Aurora Rising with the release of its sequel, Elysium Alsatair. For a completely standalone Reynolds book not connected to any other books, the awe-inspiring House of Suns is the best option and remains my favourite work of his. Believing him to be true, Dreyfus and his deputy, the hyperpig Sparver, decide to investigate the matter further.

However the thee solution soon becomes more complicated as the original main suspect may not be as guilty as it seemed at the start. You can be assured to be spoiled for choice in deciding what sort of society you want to live in or what sort of lifestyle you want to lead. The security force is restricted in their actions at key points of the story as the need for public voting is accounted for. July 21, at 6: Reynolds’ Century Rain also involved a detective and Peter F.

Everyone was fairly one dimensional, and characters felt like they were doing things because the plot required it of them. If you liked Reynolds’s Chasm City, then you will like The Prefect, although I think pretect Reynolds does himself a disservice by having multiple povs.

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The Prefect

And the pace just keeps ramping up as the Prefect discovers that things are a lot more serious than mere mass murder — oh yes they are. However, the characterizations are sha I am frankly surprised at how much I enjoyed this, because I instantly disliked the prose style.

As in his other books, Reynolds spends the first half of the book layering things and setting a tone. I can safely say I liked it. This particular novel is a detect Alastair reynolds has become a highly competent writer of science fiction entertainments, able to balance his penchant for grotesquery and Gothicism with characters it is possible to like. There are only a few crucial moments during the story that have you on the edge of your seat, the rest is a long build up to the ending.

I can’t help but feel that Reynolds’s has in mind some sort of idealistic outer space realization of the ancient Greek city states.

The Band is described as a democratic anarchy. Really awful, and dialog is important to me. They are all different, ranging from fascist states to extremely liberal thr.

For personal reasons, I am ridiculously pleased that Alastair Reynolds is convinced that forensics as a profession continues on, relatively unchanged down to the bureaucratic paperwork, far into the future ?

I like the foreshadowing of the melding plague. So, for those of you who did not read AR yet, this will be a good start: Also, Dreyfus was a mess, he’s a terrible detective, but laastair he suddenly knows all kinds of things about the Clockmaker that he couldn’t possibly know, all because he had a “hunch”? Great characters and tension, complex and wonderfully conceived, with good pacing. However, all decisions that relate to the whole are voted for or against on the fly via the External Abstraction – an advanced form of internet which most people are constantly connected alsstair via implant or machine accessories.

Dreyfus and Sparver interview digital backups of the inhabitants of Ruskin-Sartorious. In this story, the Glitter Band a demarchist society of 10, habitats orbiting Yellowstone still has laastair turned into the Rust Belt of the later books.

Drefuss prefech soon discover that the atrocity is just the tip of an iceberg of a plot to overthrow the Glitter Band and Panoply. I just felt like everyone was overly similar and I felt that Prefecr was that exciting. You see, each orbiting colony is like a state with its own sovereignty. I started off publishing short stories in the British SF magazine Interzone in the early 90s, then eventually branched into novels.

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I would quite like to visit there again. The only way to pace a novel of that length is to have a mini-climax somewhere in the middle, a alastai down of the tension, and then a second, higher escalation for the true climax at the end. That said this is a standalone book in the sense that the story is complete in itself, not part of an ongoing narrative from other books.

I think several parts of The Prefect would make Chasm City more impactful but prerect is one, lone readers opinion. And at least there are more Alastair Reynolds novels to explore.

The habitats of the Glitter Band satellites around planet Yellowstone are part of a libertarian demarchy democratic anarchywhich means constant polls of everyone about everything. I particualrly liked the world where people chose to be under authoritarian rule, to be governed and micro managed to the nth degree. It was decent pprefect entertaining. The Prefect takes place in the Glitter Band – a band of thousands of small habitats, with their own functioning societies and governments – which orbits the Yellowstone system.

Supporting characters fare even worse. This will be one of my favorite reads of From that point I was glued to the page, feeling the tension rising and worrying my own brain at the problem of coming up with a prefedt to the threat bearing down on Panoply and the Glitter Band.

Strange Horizons – The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds By Martin Petto

In contrast to the technogothic atmosphere of the post-plague novels, here he presents at least initially a more traditional, optimistic future predicated on nanotechnology while at the same time reinvigorating some staler tropes.

However, since this is his seventh novel and he is now deep into his career this particular egg must surely mark the point where we have to finally accept that he is probably never going to write the great novel that a lot of people myself included thought he had in him. Unfortunately, that point was only pages into a page novel.