5 Feb subconstient. “Brandon Bays takes her readers on a journey of astounding inspiration.” – Deepak Chopra “Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul, and her story of healing. Download

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If you know your hang bsys in life and with reactions to people and situations, then just be aware of them and heal them because of that awareness.

Read it, the book might move you in an unexpected way. So when I first read the phrase in the first chapter, my heart immediately stopped.

The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

For anyone trained in emotional release work, hypnotherapy, regressions or NLP it was easy peasy to pick up the techniques and start working with clients. YetBrandon found the vital connection to Source and Truth that allowed her to have a Faith that transcends all external happenings. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For I am not ashamed of the gospel She is amazing, her story should be told bayx.

Still, some new concepts and worth reading. Contact me if you are interested in studying it deeper and want support, I live in Seba This book offered a fundamental piece of the puzzle in my coaching modality, it provides a toolkit for successfully navigating the emotional terrain within.

First of all, calqtoria you’re reading my review, you should know I’m a pretty calqtoria and cynical person, and an atheist.

I was very much curious about this phenomenon. My mother kindly paid for us to attend a Brandon bay the journey weekend.

It employs a form of self hypnosis, which s The author of this book had a large non malignant ovarian tumour. I would be very reluctant to try any such course of action as the weeks that Brandon used to ‘heal’ herself could well have turned out to be her last. The author healed herself of a basketball sized tumour in her stomach, and then went on to help thousands of people ‘heal’ themselves of physical and emotional damage, taking each of them on their own ‘journey’.


This was an interesting book lent to me by a colleague.

Download Calatoria –

Because there was this sentence: In this book, you finally learn how. Return to Book Page. I couldn’t read on for several minutes and you bayz why? I think it is meant to be a way to lure readers into signing up for the various workshops offered.

May 21, Col rated it really liked it. I don’t believe this woman has found THE answer, but I recommend this to anyone looking for ways to honestly resolve past hurts.

She teaches how we unconsciously hold on to past negative emotions in our body and steps on how to release them in order to be healthy again — mentally, physically, and spiritually. Quotes from The Journey: I can’t recommend this book highly enough!!

Download Calatoria Brandon-Bays.pdf

By working with the exercises that it provides, I am successfully healing old wounding and trauma, including present day symptoms, and learning to be with the fluxuations of my emotional being with less reactivity. Going beyond current mind-body wisdom, she discovered a powerful means to get direct access to the soul–the unconditional calatorai, the boundless peace, the living presence within us–and pioneered a revolutionary paradigm for healing.

I liked hearing her story tumour, career, fire, personal life but there were times the book dragged on with the other peoples ‘Journey’ stories. She discovers she has cancer and is given a short time to live. Probably because of the repetitive stories and the “amazingness” she exudes when trying to over-conv This book is okay.

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I definitely think the stories were drawn out and could have been explained with less words. We get to follow along through her emotional turmoil. Aug 21, Therese Bergwall rated it liked it. This book was hard to put down, Branson’s own story was so compelling, as she faced cancer, the loss of her home, income, daughter, and much more.

I read the book and now I’m even more interested in this subject. Brandon Bays had been very involved for some time in healthy living and personal development and therefore probably had the grounding that gave her the courage to take the step to refuse conventional treatment when she was diagnosed with a huge stomach tumour.

For some reason, I ran out of patience. A really good lesson of life. Oct 24, Elena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 08, A. The author’s own story of healing drives this book from the start, and other anecdotes keep it moving right to the end.

Brandon Bays – | deeea deeea –

I am however a little unsure of how this would work for the average person in the street. When I got the opportunity to read the first four chapters, I couldn’t expect anything. It takes a a step further from simple thought-based therapies calatoriz can only help us to a certain degree.