13 nov Hard action is needed for a proper collective agreement (cao) Metalektro! Therefore we call on workers at ASML to strike for 24 hours from. RT @GCSbased: RT @GCSbased: The answer is no but we need the right policies at EU level to support Europe’s strengths which happens to be its industrial. Looking for an exciting #EUjobs opportunity at the crossroads of the digital, clean energy and circular economy tra 1 day 21 hours.

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In short, the complete picture shall ensure the voting outcome, not salami-slice strategy! De concurrentie op de prijs voor arbeid is enorm en werkenden betalen de rekening. The collective bargaining will be continued on 11 December next.

We will inform you about this at a later date. The ‘catch’ in this case is that the current workers who stay will only experience the damage in the long term some years from nowin the form of forced redundancies, while those that leave will experience a slight negative impact in the short term.

Volgens de FNV is de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt in een race naar beneden beland. De FNV, Nederlands grootste vakbond, zet komend cao-seizoen in op een minimale looneis van 3,5 procent.

En als werk structureel is, moet een vaste baan volgen. Gerelateerd aan dit artikel. You will also supervise the customer during the acceptance process, carry out efficiency test and solve issues on site of customer’s production locations. There are many opportunities for growth which is also supported by on-the-job learning.

Communication with customers and also with the internal organization is essential to achieve the best results, to have ultimate customer satisfaction. Furthermore, NXP has sufficient resources for a robust plan. Na jaren van loonmatiging, moet het maar eens afgelopen zijn, vindt de vakbeweging. Dat biedt de kans om dynamisch te blijven in deze tijd die om dynamische werknemers vraagt. Our client is a leading, innovative and growing producer of machinery with branches all over the world.


De FNV wil daarom dat de cao de standaard is voor alle werknemers die in een organisatie werken en dat werkgevers investeren in mensen, ongeacht hun contractvorm. Cao voor iedereen Opmerkelijk plan van de FNV is om de arbeidskosten voor mensen met onzeker werk hoger te maken. Solidaire loonvraag Een loonvraag moet afgestemd worden op de sector of bedrijf. The company is doing well and there is no reason not to allow the employees who make this possible every day to share in that.

Active in manufacturing of machinery for labelling as well as the manufacturing of plastic labels. In this position you are responsible for installation, supporting, the production, maintenance, inspection, trouble shooting and training of our customer’s packaging machines. Voorafgaand aan Prinsjesdag, stellen de vakbonden traditiegetrouw hun looneis vast.

NXP has though indicated its willingness to reintroduce the bonus scheme for the professional groups through to 45, but in that case, it does want the 1 percent wage increase of back for this.

CAO | Sun-Power B.V.

The previous offer on the table was a wage increase of slightly more than one percent, which is actually way below the national average. On 29 October last, we received the following notification from NXP via the media: And now the situation as it stands in the collective bargaining. As a Field Service Engineer you will have an international position and a high level of accuracy, you are eager and also able to work independently.

In its offer to the unions, namely the settlement or premium payment per month, preliminary indication reveals that NXP does not fully compensate for this due to budgetary reasons. The machines and products of our client are used by almost all producers of consumer products especially food around the world.

Abonneer je op de gratis Personeelsnet-nieuwsbrief.

While on 12 October of this year, we received the social plan that is since available to everyone via a link in the latest newsletter of NXP. Bedrijven maken gezonde winsten en daar moeten hun werknemers ook van profiteren.

NXP applies the generic cutbacks across the line without there being an alternative benefit for employees to counteract this. Maar de bondsvoorzitter maakt ook duidelijk dat CNV vakmensen tegelijk nadruk blijft leggen op metzlektro persoonlijke ontwikkeling van werknemers. Maar CNV vakmensen zet voor ook in op loonsverhogingen van 3 tot 4 procent per jaar of 10 procent voor drie jaar. That is less than what the employees received this year, namely 1.


Arbeidsvoorwaarden Arbeidsvoorwaarden personeel benchmarken.

NXP has indicated that it will now unilaterally implement the guarantee scheme in the form of monthly premium payments. Wouter van Went kaderlid Arthur Bot bestuurder a. Need to locate yourself within daily reachable distance to our office in Deurne, the Netherlands for the days you are not working internationally.

Personeelsnet is een geregistreerd handelsmerk van Personeelsnet Media BV, een onafhankelijke aanbieder van HR informatie. Arbeidsvoorwaarden Loonkosten lager mettalektro LIV. Dat komt onder andere doordat werkgevers massaal kiezen voor flexers en zelfstandigen die vaak flink goedkoper zijn dan vaste werknemers.

Uitgangspunt is dat werknemers moeten mee profiteren van de winsten en de economische groei. Finally, we would like draw your attention to a link to the NXP HR portal, which you can use to have your union contribution settled in a tax-efficient way. Cao NXP – Nieuws.

Field Service Engineer

Any reversal will then no longer be metalktro, you only get one shot at it. It is for this reason that the CNV has decided to put the new negotiation outcome for the social plan that has to apply for everyone, together with the yet to be realised CAO outcome to the vote before meyalektro members.

CNV wants to realise a wage increase of three percent. Flexible attitude, customer focus, stress resistant, pro-active and independent. Personeelsbeleid Kengetallen voor HR: De lonen blijven achter bij de economische groei, terwijl bedrijfswinsten stijgen.