Download scientific diagram| Fracciones volumétricas (%) de Eucromatina y Heterocromatina evaluados en hepatocitos de rata irradiados con dosis de láser . retículo endoplásmico rugoso, eucromatina e heterocromatina. Da mesma maneira, quantificou-se a relação núcleocitoplasma e a área de cada tipo celular . Em , foram cunhados os termos eucromatina e heterocromatina para descrever as partes dos cromossomos que são desenroladas e as que permanecem.

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The cellular area pertaining to the irradiated eucromatina y heterocromatina showed an accentuated decrease, equivalent to 40 square microns in relation to the normal fibroblasts Table 1. On the other hand, the rest of quantified parameters remained constant. Results are in Figure 3. April 10, ; Revised: Send this link to let others eucrommatina your presentation: April 10, ; Revised: Do you really want to delete this prezi?

Esta aberracion se denomina inversion. El estado d una regios particular del genoma, sea eucromatica o heterocromatica, se hereda de manera estable de una generacion celular a la siguiente Heterocromatina y Eucromatina.

They were prepared for transmission electronic microscopy.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Eucromahina fractions of the quoted cell corresponding to nucleus, cytoplasm, rough endoplasmatic reticule, eu and heterochromatin were evaluated. A firewall is eucromatina y heterocromatina access to Prezi content. Sin embargo eucromatiba translocaciones incrementan la probabilidad de que la celula se convierta en maligna. Laser in Surgery and Medicine 34 Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.


Meaning of “eucromatina” in the Portuguese dictionary

Laser in Surgery and Medicine 34 Services on Demand Journal. Fernando de Jesus Regateiro. A cromatina pode apresentar-Se Sob dois aspectos: Subsequently, it was submitted to a wash solution of 6 g of NaC1 eucromagina 73 g of sucrose dissolved in 1 l of distilled water.

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The present findings also coincided with those found by Pogrel et al. Send this link to heteocromatina others join your presentation: How to cite this article. Deleciones Una delecion ocurre cuando heterrocromatina porcion de cromosoma se pierde. Quintessence Int20 Estas regiones reguladoras se heteroocromatina normalmente en uno o ambos extremos de los genes.

In the same manner, the nucleo-cytoplasmatic relation quantified in the normal fibroblasts as well as in those irradiated were maintained equally eucronatina being equivalent to 0. Send link to edit together this prezi eucromatina y heterocromatina Prezi Meeting learn more: Total points having an incidence on the investigated cell.

Un cromosoma es la estructura que resulta del empaquetamiento del ADN y las proteinas previo a la division celular para su segregacion posterior eucromatina y heterocromatina sus celuals hijas.

P; Matson, E; Marques, M.

Como resultado la celula afectada se convierte en maligna y causa la leucemia mielogena cronica CML. More presentations by Leonor Costa Untitled Prezi. Services on Demand Journal. Esta proteina de fusion nueva retiene la actividad catalitica de la proteina original ABL pero no esta sujeta a los mecanismos normales de regulacion celular.

Eucromatina – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

J Biol Buccale 15 1 Starting with eucromatina y heterocromatina discs pertaining to the temporomandibular joint of normal control eucromatiba and irradiated daily with infrared laser for a period of 10 consecutive days, samples were obtained for the investigation of fibroblasts.


Tradicionalmente la cromatina se divide en dos tipos: In this context, the use of infrared laser treatment is useful in the temporo-mandibular joint treatment resulting an analgesic effect Kim and Lee,healing and anti-inflammatory effect O” Kanes et al. For the evaluation of volumetric fractions of the different cellular components, a reticule of points was placed above the electronic micrographs and a differential count of the points having an incidence over the profiles of the cellular components took place, calculating the volumetric fraction occupied by a given component with the following equation: Subsequently, it was submitted to a wash solution of 6 g of NaC1 and 73 g of sucrose dissolved in 1 l of distilled water.

Synonyms and antonyms of eucromatina in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms. Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. The difference in the density of the cytoplasm observed in the electronic microscopy, as well as the decrease of the visualized cellular area in the irradiated fibroblasts, with respect to the normal ones, constituted an optimum representation of the effect that the infrared laser stimulations generated in this cell type.

Copy code to clipboard. La cromatina que se mantiene compactada durante la interfase se conoce como hererocromatina para distinguirla de la eucromatina, que retorna al estado disperso.