Adapted from The Color Code by Taylor Hartman. Color Code Personality Test. Mark the letter that corresponds with how you would describe yourself. The Color Code Personality Profile also known as The Color Code or The People Code, of the population; Blues 35%; Whites 20%; and Yellows 20%. A question test assesses one’s color, based on whether you answer A, B, C, or D. A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life. Hartman. PERSONALITY. PROFILE. Instructions: Part One consists of 30 groups of descriptive words.

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These individuals will fall victim to their own internal struggles as they like to stay quiet. Reds need to be right and are often far too critical of others. Hxrtman a Red perspective, emotion has nothing to do with gest tasks. Taylor Hartman dedicated his research to the personalities that people exhibit.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A person will have to endure a 45 question exam that asks them a plethora of different questions.

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These are the friends that every person desires. They may come across as harsh and critical, even when they don’t mean to. Blues can be self-righteous and insecure and can also be very self-disciplined and sincere.

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Blues are steady, ordered and enduring. The blue personality is those that rely on relationships and will do anything for a friend.

Hartman Personality Profile

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. They are controllers and like to be right and dominate. They are comfortable in creative environments. This does not mean that they are inherently mean, but they simply cannot ignore what perzonality are thinking.

However, for all the good they do, this group is insecure and oftentimes controlling. They are always looking for something new to do. Blues can also be emotional and moody. They won’t express conflict. They are spontaneous in nature. Red motivated by powerBlue motivated by intimacyWhite motivated by peaceand Yellow motivated by fun. They are highly committed and loyal.

A spontaneous nature ensures that yellows are able to take full advantage of life and meet new friends. They are devoid of ego.

Explanation of the Hartman Color Code Personality Test

Whites are patient and kind. They strive to be the best they can be. They dislike working at someone else’s pace. They do not trust others easily personwlity never forget.


The main idea hartmna the Hartman Personality Profile is that all people possess one of four driving “core motives”. Blues are the people that we like to surround ourselves with. They are thoughtful, considerate and are not judgmental.

Lacking trustthey find themselves resentful or unforgiving. Retrieved from ” https: They can be somewhat self-deprecating.

This personality is given to a person that is very assertive and will be the leader of the group. This article needs additional citations for verification. Yellows are motivated by fun. They can also exhibit controlling and domineering traits. Reds use logic, vision and determination. Through their discipline and management skills, they are often very successful. They can be insecure and judgmental.

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Blues love with passion. Life is a sequence of commitments for blues. Whites don’t commonly share what they are feeling, understanding or seeing. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.