Practiced raconteur Archer (Kane & Abel) engagingly presents the rags-to- riches story of Charlie Trumper, a man who learns to buy and sell by working at his. As the Crow Flies [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Growing up in the slums of East End London, Charlie Trumper dreams. Charlie’s progress from the teeming streets of Whitechapel to the elegance of Chelsea Terrace is only a few miles as the crow flies. But in Jeffrey Archer’s expert.

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It was one book I couldn’t put down but did so reluctantly. His characterisations make the reader cheer for the heroes and hiss at the villains. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

As the Crow Flies – Jeffrey Archer.pdf

Great fun, the sort of fast-moving novel of which you believe not a word and enjoy every minute. Trentham, it ultimately fails, as she bids higher than them for the property. She was unqualified for the position, but had been a maid for the Trentham family.

While not his best book “As The Crow Flies” is far from his worst and gets 3. Trentham wins, with a bid of twelve thousand pounds. It’s also very interesting from a business perspective.

She succeeds in both, and uses the estate to buy as much stock in Trumper’s stock as she can, intending for her son Nigel to become chairman of the company. Charlie agrees to buy the place, but only at the maximum his board would allow.

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As the Crow Flies (novel) – Wikipedia

She finds the shops, and asks about getting a job in the art gallery. Later, Charlie and Becky are informed of Daniel’s provision under the terms of Raymond Arccher will.

Really entertaining soap opera that I always wanted to pick up. They turn the situation into their advantage by playing the on the press, [ clarification needed jeffrwy and showing that the Trumpers are showing concern for any item of dubious origin.

At the dinner, Rebecca suggests he become their “front man”. Trentham took elaborate measures to hide her. While initially reluctant, he decides to observe the shop secretly before making a commitment.

The character’s individual parts are stories within t OH my what do I say. It doesn’t work out, because George V’s grandfather would have been Prince Albert, whose ancestry is non-famous in the UK.

The novel was originally published in hardback by HarperCollins in May While the story will tell if “Trumper” managed to be triumphant, The reader will decide whether the novel flew high. After the war, in one of the marvelous coincidences for which Archer is famous, Guy then manages to impregnate the lovely Rebecca Salmona childhood friend of Charlie’s, his erstwhile business partner, and the woman he has come to lovean event not calculated to bring the two men closer together.


However, she does learn her son resigned his commission, and would have been cashiered if he hadn’t resigned. At the time I wondered if I would be able to finish the book before the holidays end. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. He notes that Daniel looks a lot like his father when in his captain’s uniform.

The story begins with Charlie, grandson of a barrow costermonger.

Apr 20, Jim Henry rated it it was ok. Growing up in the slums of East End London, Charlie Trumper dreams of someday running his grandfather’s fruit and vegetable barrow. She finds it impossible to continue the business of Charlie’s costermongering and her father’s bakery, and sells it to the highest bidder.

War starts, and the first shop to fall victim to the German bombs is Mrs. View all 3 comments. However, he prepares for unrest in the form of a general strike with drills, and responds well.

They all seemed one dimensional. She very wisely suggests the Trumpers get a “front man” — a man with the right background who will open doors for them with his connections and class.

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