Steel Mace Exercise Exercise Description The full generally begins with the mace in a vertical front ready position, sphere at the top, both hands near. 15 Jun The Barbarian Steel Mace Workout Plan is a full body strength and conditioning program that gradually ramps up intensity over the course of 4. 7 Apr Macebell exercises will do more for you than just make you strong, they’ll awaken the ancient warrior that lives within you. Use these 3 to get.

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Weekend Warrior Home Workout December 2, Double Kettlebell Front Squat. Gravediggers, as the name implies, simulate a shoveling motion. Reverse all steps and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Take a breathe, brace your core, and lowly descend into a squat position while maintaining a neutral spine, and keeping the steel mace level. Leave a comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Today, the gada is used primarily by Pehlwani wrestlers in northern India and southern Pakistan.

The mace ball should swing behind your back. Remember to keep the movement slow and controlled. Contact Advertise Legal Comment Policy.

The front load squat becomes progressively harder as the lever arm of the steel mace is lengthened. To make exercises easier, move at least one hand closer to the weighted end. As you swing, slide your dominant hand down the shaft of the mace for extra power. Posted in Exercise of the Day.

Train Like an Ancient Hindu Warrior: The Steel Mace Workout | The Art of Manliness

Like the spear exercise, this macebell exercise also requires a strong stable base and will also provide your legs and lungs with a strong burn. From The Blog November 9th, November 8, – 6: So, to make it more challenging move your grip away from the steel mace head, and to reduce exerciees intensity move your hands closer to the mace head.


Just open social media and search Macebell Swings and you will see thousands of videos of unconventional athletes swinging the macebell, and for good reason. Besides dueling one another with gadas, warriors would swing heavier versions — usually made with a bamboo stick with a heavy stone at one end — macegell their backs in order to strengthen their backs, chests, shoulders, forearms, and fingers.

Macebell Exercises: Spears, Gravediggers and Pendulums – Awake & Alive

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken. Hand placement will directly impact the difficulty of this movement. Begin in a standing position with the mace behind your neck. The has been used by Hindu warriors and Pehlwani wrestlers for ages. The spearing exercisex requires a strong stable base and fully engages the core.

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The ballistic nature of the motion will also challenge your cardio capacity. Click here to watch more videos by Awake and Alive.

GravediggersMacebellPendulum SwingsSpears. Back to School Bacon and Egg Cups. That thing is a beast! From The Blog November 9th, November 8, – 6: When it reaches your left shoulder, pull the mace exercuses your left shoulder so that the mace is once again directly in front of you.

Train Like an Ancient Hindu Warrior: The Steel Mace Workout

Hold the mace with a mixed grip — one hand overhand and one underhand — with the hand near the mace ball-end holding the handle with an underhand grip. Lift the ball end with the hand closest to the mace ball. Popular Tags burpees clean clean eating core dover gym dover NH dover personal trainer dover personal training dumbbell front squat gym in dover healthy eating home workout Jenny RD Jenny RD’s Kitchen kettlebell kettlebell exercise kettlebells kettlebell swing kettlebell training kettlebell workout lunges nutrition personal trainer in dover plank press pumpkin push press push ups registered dietitian run running sit exercisees snapshot snatch snatches squat squats steel mace success story suspension training trx exercisees warrior weight loss weight loss challenge.


He is a Movement and Strength Coach edercises uses unconventional tools and methods to make his students a little better with each practice. When the ball reaches the middle of the arc, switch your hands up by sliding the hand that was near the ball down towards the end of the handle and bringing the hand that was near the handle up closer to the ball end.

Pull the steel mace towards your belly button and contract your lats hard. The Pendulum Swing builds shoulder strength while also opening up the shoulder, elbows and wrists for greater mobility. Weekend Warrior April 14, How to Make Beet Soup! Adjust your macebell position as needed.