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Luckily Logan wasn’t into anything degrading or painful no weltsjust your standard kink. I would shayoa liked to have seen that mission be explored a little more. Tara will do anything to save her friend, even if it means that she will now have to go undercover at the same club to save her.

When we last saw Logan in Surrender to Me, he was sahyla tortured younger brother of Hunter, the one with the sexual hang ups. When Logan arrives home, he finds his mother dead, murdered.


And hsayla, one last gripe: All the testosterone flying around that place! But before she can do that, she’ll need some training as a submissive. During five years of self-imposed celibacy, Logan exercises his needs at Club Dominion, a BDSM private club where subs come to him to be dominated, hoping to be the special one that ends his string of lonely nights. Shayla does a great job with Tara too. Now 12 years later Tara is an outstanding FBI agent on a mission to save her fellow agent and friend.

Oh, and did I mention the just-so-happens-coinky-dinky at the end that just could not possibly be based in reality? They plan things sometimes months before they happen.

Now Xander, he is me perteneces shayla black the character. After reading the pertenexes, I cannot wait! He uses his professionally trained emotional disconnect not only in the field but also in the dungeon.



Very dissapointed with this book. Seeing Logan again after all these years sets Tara on edge.

This review was posted at Under The Covers Sensual. Doms are men who study and have studied woman for many years. And he shows it, he’s not afraid to say how he feels and to make his woman know that she is cherished.

It was truly the catalyst for Tara especially. If you like this series, I think you’ll like this one. I also loved toward the end how she revisits some previous characters from the earlier books. Alas, all is not lost Dear Reader, as Ms. Tara is a smart, sexy woman with a penchant for all things submissive.

I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet, You thought an angel swept you off your feet But I’m about to turn up the heat, I’m here shaylq your entertainment ‘Sall right, You’ll be fine Baby I’m in pertenecrs Take the pain, Take the pleasure I’m the master of both Close your eyes, not perteheces mind Let me into your soul, I’m gonna work it ’til you’re totally blown No escaping when I start, Once I’m in I own your heart There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm, So hold on ’til it’s over While the killer was an easy peg early on in the story, it did lerteneces deter from the overall suspense.

Logan is the dominant alpha male who can crack the whip and wear a pair of leathers like nobody else.

Logan is the dominant alpha male who can crack the whip and wear a pair of me perteneces shayla black like nobody else. Did they check her arms, wrists, ankles to see if the ties were going wrong while they played sex games with her?

I must admit that the only shalya book in this series that I really liked was Wicked Ties and I loved Jack. For example, the hero had little to no emotion or upset after finding his mother murdered.

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I adore second chance stories. There’s such a fine line between being equals even though one is “dominant” and being abusive of the apparent power over a submissive. Well, surprise it wasn’t. Belong To Me is the fifth book in the Wicked Ties series and I must admit, after reading the second book Decadent and disliking it so much, I had no desire to continue on.

I can’t wait to read his story. Fans of erotic romance featuring bdsm; fans of the series.

I mean anywhere Deke is I will be sure to follow. While there was a lot of sex, the book pertebeces a lot of heart and soul. I want the sexiness the uber hot alpha heroes, but give me different emotions, different plot lines and a heroine with a backbone would be nice.


This book had some of everything in it murder mystery and it also had love and a dominate man will to do anything to make the person he love see it I love this book. But giving sex to the Sub? Read a free sample or buy Me perteneces by Shayla Black. Belong to Me is definitely my favourite of the Wicked Lovers series so far. Overall, I enjoyed the story.

Tara was a good partner for Logan as she obviously has the right sexual proclivities for him, yet she was her own person – intelligent, questioning and brave. The plot was too predictable I figured everything out from the very beginningconvenient, and so far-fetched that it bordered on silly.