Publishers Note. This volume or Sarvarth Chintamani has been. sadly over delayed due to the sudden demise or its renowned author. Sh. J.N. Bl)asin. 10/15/13Sarvartha Chintamani – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sarvartha Chintamani [1][2] is one of the important books of astrology be. Sarvartha Chintamani- Vol 1&2 (Hindi)(HB): : S C Mishra Dr.: Books.

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Mars and Jupiter are in the Navamsha of Saturn. During the main ruling period of a malefic and the sub ruling period of a benefic the native first gels good results and then bad results. Sun is with the 7th house and its lord sarvatha lord of the 12th house. I I The watery signs second half saravrtha Capricorn. I I I If Ralni. If Sun is there the ornament is of valuable gem. Mars in 9ih house, the native lives till the end of the yuga by Mantras.

Sarvartha Chintamani – Asheville Vedic Astrology

Written in Sanskrit verse it deals with the effects of each house in the natal chart in far greater chlntamani besides giving the description about the planets, their effects, lifespan and prosperity. Jupiter and Venus are ministers.

The horoscope of our prime minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi is an example to the point. If the said Navamsha is onwed by Mercury, one earns through handicrafts! In this connection please see the following snloka number 26 in chapter 51 of Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra Bombay edition of Shaka They are governed by Devis from Kali to Aparajita. Contents Chapter Pages Introductory Note 1. In the said yoga, f Saturn and Mars take part then the male himself only will be mpotent.

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The term may probably mean here low in Status which Saturn surely is. Saturn occupies chibtamani amsha, the native gets innumerable years of life. These yogas are applicable only to people born in a royal family. If Mars is in the 5th house. SI If the lord of the Navamsha occupied by the lord of chintanani 12th house, is with lord of the 2nd house or is aspected by it. In Ayan strength Sun. In case the Ascendant arrived at is of odd sign and odd Navamsha the birth is of a male, if these two belong to an even sign the birth is of chitnamani female.

Hence the active interest that Shri Sanjay Gandhi showed in the affairs of the day to day working of the government as an advisor.

Sarvartha Chintamani JN Bhasin

Chintamami also aspects lord of 4th from lagna. If the yoga is mixed there are mixed results. W hen the duration of the day is more or less than 12 hours the Ishta should be ascertained by the rule of 3 i. He comes under the wrath of the ruler.

Aquarius by a man carrying on his shoulder a water pot. If these are aspeeted by benefics it is not so. In his absence the Publishers had to over come many difficulties, which,if he had been with us could have been sorted out without any effort two years ago. If the lord of the 4th house is located in the 4th house with a malefic, then also one is deceitful.

He travels from one place to another remaining in anger. The 6th is called disease, kshat injuryari enemiesvysanam addictionchor theftvighana obstacles. This is obviously based on the assumption that the duration of the day! But if benefits are associated with or aspect the lord of the 2nd house the fault of too much eating does not arise. In the even signs the order is reverse i. His mind is defiled. Ketu comes 7th to Rahu: The planet 12th to Moon is herenemy.


The first decante i. Jupiter is the significator of wealth. If Jupiter is in the Ascendant or it aspects the Ascendant, or if the watery’ sign in the lagna is aspected by Jupiter placed in a watery sign; 87 if there is a benefic in the Ascendant, which is also under the aspect of a bcnefic planet, even then the body is fatty.

Planets are in zero directional strength when located in the 7th house from that where they get full directional strength. II During the ruling period of Jupiter located in the 2nd house, the native gains wealth, honour from the ruler, takes part in official conference relating to educational controversies.

The same result follows, if weak Moon is in the 1st house and Jupiter is in the sign of Saturn with Saturn. The same is the result if it is in the 8th house. Chandramaa, Sheet Rashmi, Glau, Mrigaanka. In cases where there is no Bhagya yoga or Raj yoga how can the charity yoga work. Its intellect is a great asset.

If it is enemy. Moon is farthest away from the Sun; hence it is a strong benefic.